Technical solutions

Whenever and wherever you need us

Need to get your message across? Of course you do. Why else organize an event for your customers and audience? To achieve this you’ll need proper backup: technical solutions to make your voice heard and ideas stand out.

MagnumLive takes care of all the aspects of your event’s technical needs, be it sound, lighting, video/images, stages and structures, hardware and furnishings. We deliver the entire concept wherever you need it, transporting and storing it for your convenience.

What our experienced production team offers:

  • Planning
    • needs assessment
    • visualization, 3D design
    • project control
    • scheduling
    • budgeting, budget control
    • flexibility (preparedness for a ‘plan B’)
  • Technical solutions
    • sound system
    • lighting plan
    • video and screen technology
    • stages, structures, props
    • technicians and technical producers
    • implementation (installation,building, dismantling)
    • logistics (storing, pick-ups, transportation)
    • accommodation, catering
  • Content Production
    • video production (shooting, recording, editing)
  • Feedback, evaluation, further development


Rule of Thumb

Smaller and more intimate events can do with less, but the rule of thumb is that all happenings that have more than 20 people present demand at least a basic sound system, a place for a speaker, suitable lighting to guide the audience’s attention, and projectors for visual presentations.

The bigger the crowd, the more urgent is the need for suitable technical back-up. Get in touch with us, and we’ll propose a cost effective solution for your event.

Indoors and outdoors, all year round, in Finland and abroad.

One-time gig or repeated assignments?

We can do both. Save time and money – negotiate an annual contract with MagnumLive.

Something completely different?

Virtual bands, virtual studio productions, 3D eye catchers, Magic screens, prints and props to amp up your event… We make your most ambitious dreams come true!

Our technical specialists are ready to achieve your goals, no matter the size of your event. MagnumLive provides you with high quality equipment, professional staff and excellent service at a fair price.

Video production

We produce brand videos, video commercials, greetings and skits for our clients. We also do live recording of events (exhibitions, festivals, concerts) by editing the footage on-the-go. In seminars and corporate events speakers’ lectures can be recorded or streamed live via web.

Virtual Studio

Want to send greetings to your guests from Hawaii? Equipped with special lighting and a green screen, MagnumLive’s virtual studio provides a perfect and cost effective setting for fun and impressive videos.