Koko Tapahtuma

Koko Tapahtuma (meaning literally “the entire event”), a consortium of Finnish companies specialising in different sections of event production, was one of the exhibitors in the Congress Expo in April 2018. The starting point of the planning of Koko Tapahtuma’s stand was the all-too-familiar stress factor that many companies struggle with while having to organise special events alongside the daily work. The main theme – don’t stress out – stemmed from these musings. The main message was to convey how Koko Tapahtuma network can help its clients in stress reduction by planning and executing their events from start to finish.

Many guests who visited the Koko Tapahtuma stand connected strongly with its theme and visuals. The stand’s message rang true and truly managed to hit home whereas a more conventional one might not have stood out at all.

MagnumLive launched new products in the Koko Tapahtuma stand: beMatrix aluminium profile system and LEDskin video panels. Both were used in the stand to create a large picture surface and a mosaic display. MagnumLive’s graphic designers produced the contents for all video panels.