Captol Invest Oy

Captol Invest Oy is a Finnish-owned group whose field of business comprises the import and the wholesale of premium beverages in Finland, Baltic countries and Sweden. The company specializes also in restaurants and craft brewering.

MagnumLive planned and executed the Captol Group’s 25th Anniversary Party at the Vanha Ylioppilastalo (”The Old Student House”) in Helsinki. Approximately 240 representatives of the company’s staff, customers, foreign clients and partners attended the festivities.

MagnumLive took care of all main aspects of the party: planning, production and program. For the RSVP process MagnumLive devised an e-invitation system that included a video teaser featuring the company’s CEO.  Traditional invitation cards  and envelopes were decorated with silver foil. MagnumLive also scripted and directed a video profile of Captol’s history and its CEO to be screened simultaneously with the party’s keynote speech. The special look of the anniversary year was reflected in the party’s decor from the colours of textiles to the floral arrangements. The overall atmosphere was warm but festive, and the program was very well-suited for the prestigious occasion.

MagnumLive was in charge of the venue’s impressive, festive lighting, the state-of-the-art sound system and video technology. The guests and the entire party were photographed by MagnumLive staff. The Champagne Fountain that fit the company’s corporate image more than well was also provided and tended to by MagnumLive.